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Announcing Soompi’s “Show Us Your K-Pop” Contest + Win Prizes!

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Hey Soompiers!

Did you enjoy our K-Pop Dance Madness earlier last month? Wow- what a ride! We got to witness the different fandoms unite under the main purpose of supporting their favorite idols. Major props to everyone- such dedication and hard work! Although a bit heated at times, wasn’t it fun?

Well, Soompi wants to keep the fun going and is back with another contest! Instead of making it all about the idols this time around, we want to make it all about you- the fans! (There are also prizes like signed CDs and gift certificate! Scroll all the way down to see what they are!)

K-Pop has grown in many ways within the past few decades and has branched out to mean more than just the music or the funky hairstyles and stage outfits (remember the ‘90s?). We want to see how you enjoy K-Pop so give us a peek into the K-Pop world you live in!

The contest is for all the K-Pop lovers who want to spread the love and joy of K-Pop. What’s your K-Pop? How do you enjoy it? Some have a huge collection of albums, others attend a bunch of concerts, some plaster their bedroom walls with limited edition posters while others copy their idol’s favorite nail art. Whatever it is, show us your K-Pop world!

All entries must be submitted directly to our Soompi Contest LINE account. After we review all submissions, there will be two rounds where Soompiers can vote for their favorite! Top 3 winners will receive prizes (please check below).


  1. Download LINE
  2. Add two accounts: Soompi + Soompi Contest (QR Code)
  3. You’ll automatically receive a message to participate from Soompi Contest!
  4. Follow the few steps from Soompi Contest account, submit your K-Pop photo and viola! Done.^^

Soompi Account

Download link (works only on mobile)

Soompi Contest Account

Download link (works only on mobile)


  • Entry period will be from Friday, May 2 (KST) to Tuesday, May 13 (KST).
  • There will be two rounds of voting. Depending on the number of submissions, the top few participants will qualify to Round 2. They will not need to take another photo. The same image will be used from Round 1.
  • Round 1 will start after May 13. Stay tuned for our announcement~
  • Everyone, even those who didn’t submit a photo, can vote!

The photo you upload must be one you personally took. In regards to fan art, you must be the creator and owner. When violating this rule, your entry will be revoked. Please note that Soompi has the right to use all photo entries for noncommercial promotional purposes We will never provide user information to any third parties without the user`s consent, unless we’re obliged and/or permitted to do so under applicable laws.

Here are a few examples of K-Pop love. Don’t be limited to these! Be creative! Go wild!

[caption id="attachment_602227" align="alignnone" width="540"]lee hongki ftisland nail art fin Lee Hong Ki (FTISLAND) loves his nail art.^^[/caption] [caption id="attachment_602235" align="alignnone" width="540"]Soompi Photo Wall adjust One of the walls at Soompi HQ![/caption]

1ST : 1st dibs on 2 autographed CDs from Soompi’s Closet + $50 gift certificate
2ND : 2nd dibs on 1 autographed CD from Soompi’s Closet + 1 autographed T-shirt
3RD : 3rd dibs on 1 autographed CD from Soompi’s Closet + 1 autographed T-shirt

So, what are you waiting for? Go go go and show us your K-Pop! ^^

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