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f(x)’s Victoria Discusses Her Ideal Man and Future Plans on Radio Program with the "China Line"

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f(x)’s member Victoria recently appeared as a guest on MBC’s live Chinese radio program “Idols' True Colors” after finishing up filming for her new drama in China. Viewers can see a reunion of some of the members of the famous "China line," as the radio program is hosted by miss A's Fei and Jia, as well as Zhoumi of Super Junior-M.

Victoria was able to show her honest and playful charm on the seventh episode of the radio program as she discussed what she was like 10 years ago and how she has changed since then. She displayed a down-to-earth side of herself that many people have not had a chance to see before.

She talked about how she came to choose Song Seung Hun as her ideal type. Victoria explained that she happened to come across her mother watching the drama “Autumn in My Heart” one day and confessed that she was pulled in by the actor’s dark eyebrows.

During the radio program, she also shared that she dreamed of getting married around 27 to 29 years and becoming a mother at an early age, but with her age now, it is getting harder to live out that dream. Now, her goal is to meet someone who fits well with her and eventually get married in her mid-30s.

It was reported that Victoria was able to comfortably record the one-hour long radio program as it was spoken in her native language. Also, Victoria was delighted when the writers of the program gifted her with the popular “chicken and beer” combo.

In related news, the members of f(x) are currently making preparations for a new album.

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