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M.I.B Will Be Holding a Solo Concert in Japan in May

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The boy group, M.I.B, will be holding a concert in Japan during the month of May.

According an official from M.I.B’s agency, they explained that, “M.I.B is planning on having a solo concert in Tokyo and Osaka. Although they haven’t released a Japanese album yet, many of their Japanese fans requested for a concert so we decided to do it.”

M.I.B will be hold their first concert on May 17 at the Osaka Zepp Namba Music Hall and their second concert will be held on May 18, at the Zepp Divercity in Tokyo.

For this concert, M.I.B is planning on holding various events as well as perform songs from the latest album, “The Maginot Line.”

On February 22, the group successfully finished their concert, “Live in Japan – Get it Crazy,” that was held at the Tokyo Shinkiba Studio Coast. Through this, many have high expectations regarding their activities in Japan.

Meanwhile, M.I.B released their second full length album, “The Maginot Line,” and is currently doing activities.

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