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Actor Jo Seung Hyun Showcases Both His Singing and Acting in JACE’s New MV for “Goodbye My Ray”

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On April 30, four-member rookie boy band JACE released their official debut title song, “Goodbye My Ray.” The music video stars actor Jo Seung Hyun and model Han Euddeum.

Jo Seung Hyun, the vocalist and guitarist, is most notably known for playing the younger counterpart of Park Hae Jin’s character in “Man From the Stars.”

Even at his young age, Jo Seung Hyun is still able to successfully portray the sad emotions and deep meaning of the song through his singing, as well as through his acting in the music video. Jo Seung Hyun’s soft yet powerful voice has the ability to ring the hearts of listeners as he sings about the difficulties of trying to forget the memories of a former love.

The band’s other members include leader/drummer Young Sup, bassist Sang Eun, and guitarist Do Hyun.

Earlier in April, JACE released the full version of the music video in the form of a 20-minute short music film as the band’s first debut project. 

Goodbye My RayIn this short film, Seung Hyun acted as the male lead who dreams of becoming Korea’s best songwriter. On a trip to Jeju Island, he meets and falls in love with the lead female, Han Euddeum. The rest of the video carries out scenes of Seung Hyun struggling through love and pain to ultimately reach his goal, resulting in a bittersweet success story.

Watch the music video for “Goodbye My Ray” as well as the full short film below!

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