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12 Childhood Photos of EXO Looking Exactly As They Do Today

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Happy Children's Day! On May 5, South Koreans celebrate their littlest citizens with a national holiday which typically involves toys and trips to the zoo or amusement park. In celebration of this special day and EXO's imminent comeback, we thought it would be fun to show all twelve members in side-by-side comparison shots with their baby and childhood photos. Have any of them changed much since they were little? Take a look and judge for yourselves!

Xiumin finally grew into his blazer... but kept the same chubby cheeks, thank goodness!

xiumin baby

Baekhyun may no longer be an adorable baby bear, but he's (almost) as squee-inducing as ever.

baekhyun baby

Of course Kris has perfected that serious, brooding gaze. He's been practicing since he was a baby.

exo kris baby

From normal gawky preteen to adorable singing sensation, Chen successfully completed his idol transformation -- all while keeping the glasses. Respect.

exo chen child

From happy baby to happy idol, Chanyeol has one of the cutest excited mugs we've ever seen!

chanyeol baby

With his fashionable red blazer and idol hair, Kai was clearly a star-in-training from an early age.

exo kai child

Would you have guessed that this kid with the mushroom cut would end up being the maknae of one of K-Pop's hottest idol groups? SM's agents had Sehun all figured out when they cast him at the young age of fourteen.

exo sehun child

Even as a kid in relaxation mode, Luhan knew how to give camera-ready face.

luhan baby

Tao may no longer be playing with a bucket in the sand at the beach, but he's still giving perfect side-eye.

exo tao child

The unique hairstyle may throw you off initially, but once you see the eye smile and that trademark dimple, you know it's none other than Lay.

exo lay baby

Even with face paint and construction paper headgear, Suho still has that same piercing gaze.


Baby or adult, D.O. still has that same infectious smile!

Which EXO member do you think had the most adorable childhood photo?

Credits: Various EXO fan sites

exo do baby

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