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Kim Soo Hyun Earned Over 18 Billion Won in Just Two Months

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On April 20, Kim Soo Hyun attended the Beijing Motor Show as a model for Hyundai, but was only able to stay at the event for roughly 90 seconds. Briefly greeting the close-to-ten-thousand fans who came just to catch a glimpse of him, Kim Soo Hyun held a short photo session, and then had to leave.

A few days later, he had a fan meeting at a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, called The Mira. Despite the rain and gloomy weather, countless fans crowded the hotel just to see Kim Soo Hyun, who, that day too, was only able to attend for about five minutes.

One Chinese magazine put it quite nicely. Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity is such that his worth is measured by seconds. The magazine elaborated: companies are getting in line to use Kim Soo Hyun as a model for their product in order to take advantage of the actor’s huge popularity in China, thus effectively and easily marketing to over 1.3 billion people.

Samsung Electronics (with Jun Ji Hyun), Hyundai’s ix25, Lotte, Tous les Jours, The Face Shop, Prospecs, Coca Cola, and Häagen Dazs are just some of the companies targeting the Chinese market that Kim Soo Hyun has signed an advertisement contract with, for a total of 16 endorsements, and roughly 110 million yuan (approx. 18 billion won; 17.6 million USD). This was achieved within two months of the end of “Man From the Stars."

The magazine reported that Kim Soo Hyun’s model contract guarantee has risen sharply, and is now at an average of 4.5 million yuan (approx. 750 million won; 720,000 USD). Specifically, Kim Soo Hyun’s Häagen Dazs contract was signed for 10 million yuan (approx. 1.6 billion won; 1.6 million USD), which is more than Fan Bingbing, one of China’s most popular actresses.

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