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The Top 10 Actors with Box Office Draw

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There are many ways to measure the popularity of an actor in the box office, and one of these, possibly the easiest to see at-a-glance, is the accumulated number of theatergoers for each actor. Among all of the actors who have broken the one million mark in number of viewers for a single movie, here are the actors with the largest number of total theatergoers, compiled by MBN News. Each actor's supporting characters, voice acting, and special appearances were all taken into consideration. The numbers were calculated with just Seoul data from 1990, as a nationwide count had not been established, and then from 2003 forward, the Korean Film Council’s complete aggregated count was used for calculation.

(Note: This does not take into account the number of movies for each actor, and there are also other factors that cannot be quantified such as the combined effect of movie cast members, story line, etc.)

10 – Lee Byung Hun – 33.77 M theatergoers (total)

Most-watched movie: "Masquerade" (2012) - 12.32 M theatergoers

lee byung hun

9 – Ha Ji Won – 37.39 M

Most-watched movie: "Tidal Wave" (2009) - 11.45 M

ha ji won

8 – Kim Hye Soo – 38.89 M

Most-watched movie: "The Thieves" (2012) - 12.98 M

7th – Lee Jung Jae – 39.08 M

Most-watched movie: "The Thieves" (2012) - 12.98 M

[caption id="attachment_601759" align="aligncenter" width="540"]the thieves Kim Hye Soo (left), Lee Jung Jae (right)[/caption]

6th – Jung Jin Young – 42.75 M

Most-watched movie: "Miracle in Cell No. 7" (2013) - 12.81 M

5th – Jung Jae Young – 49.71 M

Most-watched movie: "Silmido" (2003) - 11.08 M

4th – Seol Kyung Gu – 63.52 M

Most-watched movie: "Tidal Wave" (2009) - 11.45 M

3rd – Ryu Seung Ryong – 64.35 M

Most-watched movie: "Miracle in Cell No. 7" (2013) - 12.81 M

ryu seung ryong

2nd – Song Kang Ho – 81.50 M

Most-watched movie: "The Host" (2006) - 13.02 M

1st – Oh Dal Soo – 99.82 M

Most-watched movie: "The Host" (2006) - 13.02 M

[caption id="attachment_601753" align="aligncenter" width="540"]the host Song Kang Ho (left), Oh Dal Soo (right)[/caption]


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