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"Big Man" Producer Explains Why There Are So Many Dramas About Chaebols

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Producer Jung Hae Ryong explained why he thinks there are so many dramas about chaebols (the top tier of Korean society) during a press conference for his new KBS drama, "Big Man."

During the press conference, held on April 28, Jung said that the targeting of chaebol and the recurring criticism of the economic class system shown in recent dramas reflect the current mindset of the working class.

Producer Jung expressed that the working class is constantly "waiting for new developments and questioning whether the current situation is the best," and that there are more dramas being released that are trying to cater to such sentiment.

He also talked about how the genre of chaebol drama has started to pay more attention to details, with dramas not just telling a story of a prince falling in love, but focusing on portraying a realistic development of events instead.

"Big Man" tells a story of Kang Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) who is suddenly thrown into the chaebol world as he becomes the heir to a giant conglomerate. It premiered on April 28.

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