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G.NA Shows off Amazing Figure for 1st Look

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Sexy singer G.NA has an upcoming comeback with her new title track "Pretty Lingerie"; however, management delayed her schedule due to the Sewol disaster. While fans wait for her comeback, G.NA showed off of her alluring figure and ample sensitivity in a new pictorial with 1st Look.

In the recent edition of 1st Look where stars are gathering attention through hot pictorials, the magazine contains various cuts of lace and see-through clothing that completes G.NA's dreamy body and face though she appears to be disheveled.

In the pictures, G.NA looks exquisite where she is posing while wearing a small, white one piece one top of the table while being barefooted, and in another picture, G.NA is wearing short pants and a see-through shirt the reveals her bra while leaning against a wall with a sad expression, capturing the attention of readers with her delicate poses.

G.NA's shapely body and her bold style that matches it reminds us of the image of her new song "Pretty Lingerie's" provocative title.

In the "Pretty Lingerie" pictorial that G.NA already revealed, she wore a wedding dress, showing off a pure white beauty through the "Goddess of Spring" concept. Check them out here.





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