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Henry Talks About Wanting to Quit "Real Men" and Shows off His Violin Skills on "Quiz to Change the World"

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On April 26, MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World” had a rising star special and Henry revealed all the behind the scene stories of “Real Men” and showed his best violin skills.

“I said I couldn’t do it anymore because it was tough. K.Will convinced me to stay.”

Super Junior-M’s Henry confessed the tough times he went through while he was filming MBC’s “Real Men.”

Henry has been known as the “Military Illiterate” for his lack of knowledge about the culture of Korean military. Henry has been gaining a lot of attention through this show but expressed that, “Honestly, I don’t really like this program.”

Henry explained about his first filming by saying, “My manager said I had a schedule Monday through Saturday and that I just had to do things that normal military training would consist of and told me not to watch ‘Real Men.’ So, I just packed all the things that I needed.”

Henry continued on by saying, “I thought we would have to exercise so I took a yoga mat and the pillow that I sleep on everyday. I also took my sunglasses. I thought we would film for a little bit and then rest, but everything was serious from beginning to end.” He expressed that, “It was really tough. I held on to my pillow and cried a lot. I told the production staff that I couldn’t do it anymore because it was tough. Then, K.Will convinced me to stay.”

Henry expressed his gratitude towards K.Will by saying, “I had to do this in order to do the music that I wanted to do. I was really thankful towards K.Will. Park Gun Hyung also helped me out a lot. If he wasn’t there, I don’t think I could’ve done it."

Upon the request of the MC’s, Henry played the violin and the guests fell for his charms, gaining a lot of attention.

For this episode, SISTAR’s Soyu, Tiny G’s Dohee, Henry, Heo Jin, Kim Min Gyo and many other celebrities were guests of this show.

Henry on Quiz That Changes the World

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