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Second Spin: Put Your Hands Up for 2PM's Underrated Tracks

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Second Spin puts the spotlight on songs that have remained out of it. It’s the chance to showcase some of the unpromoted tracks that are overshadowed by the signature songs in the featured artists’ discography.

2PM’s claim to fame in the fierce and competitive K-Pop scene is undoubtedly sex appeal and the unabashed way they deal with manlier, sensual concepts. All tall and well-built, the 2PM members have flashed many an abs and a whole lot of chest in performances and promotions, incorporating these sexy moves into their acrobatic choreography.

Members Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung, along with former member Jay Park, debuted with “10 Points Out of 10,” in praise of a woman’s body. In their body (pun intended) of work, 2PM has kept to the passionate emotions and played to the sexier side of K-Pop.

While more of the members’ often dorky personalities have been showcased in various variety shows, and their many sides explored through solo work, acting, endorsements and other projects, 2PM remains the “beast idols” everyone knows and loves in some of the unpromoted tracks of their discography.

Let’s go for a "hottest time of day" (second) spin.

Any opinion expressed in this column is from the writer only and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Soompi Editorial Team and its management.

"Gimme the Light" from "01:59PM" (2009)

“01:59PM” is the first studio album of 2PM, which includes their previous single releases. “Gimme the Light” is a track from that album, blending in well with the high-energy “Again and Again” and “I Hate You” and some of the slower tempo releases like “Only You.”

Like the previously mentioned songs, “Gimme the Light” follows the theme of the loss of a relationship. “Gimme the Light,” however, is more guilt-ridden and grief-stricken rather than angry (“Again and Again” and “I Hate You”), with 2PM blaming themselves for not fighting for the relationship.

"I  Can’t" from "Still 2PM" (2010)

“I Can’t” is a definite departure of genre for 2PM, singing a song with very minimal arrangements and very close in feel to acoustic-folk indie music. The style is not the usual for 2PM, but is very typical for its composer, Ra.D, whose signature is all over the song.

2PM, known for their energetic music, and Ra.D, with his stripped, simple melodies and heartfelt lyrics collaborate seamlessly in this track to be able to show a different charm of the manly, beastly idols. The song features unadorned singing from 2PM, and vocal harmonies that are rarely showcased in their other dance tunes.

"Falling in Love" from "Genesis of 2PM" (2014)

“Falling in Love” is from one of 2PM’s most recent releases, the Japanese album “Genesis of 2PM.” The song is speaking to a woman who appears to be feeling the same fluttery emotions in the heat of the summer sun.

It features an easy, danceable beat, and can readily be included in a summer-anthem playlist. It has a similar feel to one of 2PM’s promotional singles for Coke. One can imagine this song accompanying a friendly game of beach volleyball, or blasting from storefronts to entice passersby for a can of cool drink or a cup of ice cream.

"100th Day Anniversary" from "Republic of 2PM" (2011)

“100th Day Anniversary” is a sweet love ballad from “Republic of 2PM,” 2PM’s first studio album in Japan, released in late 2011 after the success of their Korean comeback with “Hands Up.” Along with the Japanese versions of some of their Korean hits, three new Japanese songs were successfully promoted from this album.

This made it easy to bypass the pop love song. Besides, as a dance group known for gymnastic moves incorporated in their routines, 2PM hardly promotes their slower songs and ballads.

“100th Day Anniversary” is reminiscent of old-school boy band ballads, with smooth grooves and an easy melody to swoon to.

"All Night Long"  from "01:59PM" (2010)

Not all pop groups are called “sexy,” but 2PM has definitely laid claim to the label. In the relatively innocent soundscape of K-Pop, it is no longer surprising to find a not-so-innocent song like “All Night Long” from 2PM.

“All Night Long” is from the group’s first full album “01:59PM.” It is understandable that it was not promoted because the lyrics allude to adult bedroom activities. It is a slow, R&B song that fits right in with a late-night, “quiet storm” radio playlist and will feel in perfect step with Usher’s earlier songs or John Legend’s sensual grooves.

"Game Over" from "Grown" (2013)

Through the years, 2PM has increasingly developed themselves beyond K-Pop idols by trying on different projects such as appearing on variety shows, acting, and in Jun.K’s case, starring in a musical and releasing his own composition.

Jun.K’s composition, “Game Over” is a track from “Grown,” 2PM’s third full album released in 2013, which also features composing work from another member, Taecyeon.

“Game Over,” like many of 2PM’s songs talks about the dynamics of a relationship. It begins with a lost love and goes on to lament how it’s all a game with the woman doing the playing. The song is a mid-tempo R&B song, a staple in 2PM’s albums.

"Dance2Night" from "Still 2PM" (2010)

“Dance2Night” is one of the six tracks of 2PM’s 2010 mini-album “Still 2PM.” While the song’s style is typical for 2PM, with its danceable R&B beats, what sets “Dance2Night” apart is one of its composers, lyricists and arrangers: R. Kelly.

The track is a good one to gradually warm up a fun night of dancing. It sounds exactly like what a club would play when the night is yet early, and guests start to come in.

2PM Hands Up video teaser

Nowadays, 2PM are assumed to be one of the groups that have pushed back their comeback dates in respect to the Sewol ferry tragedy. It was earlier reported, with confirmation from Wooyoung in a magazine interview and hints from other members, notably Nichkhun, that 2PM is set to face the audience again in April.

Meanwhile, Soompiers, Hottests and fans, as we wait for 2PM onstage again, any underrated tracks from the beast idols that you think deserve a Second Spin?

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