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Still Cuts of SISTAR’s Bora’s Cameo in “Doctor Stranger” Revealed

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Still cuts of SISTAR’s Bora’s cameo in SBS’s new drama, “Doctor Stranger,” have been revealed.

In the still cuts that have been revealed on April 26, Bora has transformed into a tomboy, wearing vintage style clothing and a uniform cap, which is a different look from her usual sexy appearance on stage. Bora played as Lee Chang Yi, a North Korean woman, and has shown a variety of charms as she worked with Lee Jong Suk.

Lee Chang Yi is a girl that Park Hoon, played by Lee Jong Suk, meets when he goes to China in order to find his first love Song Jae Hee, played by Jin Sae Yeon. Lee Chang Yi tries to save money in any way possible in order to bring her mother to China from North Korea. The viewers will be able to see a strange chemistry between Lee Chang Yi and Park Hoon as they rely on each other for help.

Along with this picture, another picture was revealed where Bora is about throw some tofu but Lee Jong Suk caught on quick, dodging them and trying to take the tofu away from Bora. Pictures of the two people playing jokes on each other makes them look like siblings, which caught the attention of many people.

On March 25, Lee Jong Suk and Bora filmed their first scene together in front of a prison. The awkwardness between two didn’t last long as they worked together to act out the scene to the best of their abilities. Thanks to their hard work, many are saying that Bora and Lee Jong Suk worked perfectly together.

“Doctor Stranger” is about a genius doctor from North Korea, Park Hoon, and Korea’s best elite doctor, Han Jae Joon, played by Park Hae Jin, where they come face to face to a huge conspiracy. The background of his drama is based on Myungwoo Medical University where the conspiracy surrounds Prime Minister, Jang Suk Joo, played by Chun Ho Jin. This drama is a medical, melodrama that centers on love and competition. The first episode will be aired on May 5.

Bora in Doctor Stranger

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