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Kim Ye Won Displays Her Impressive Judo Skills in “Into the Flames”

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It appears that actress Kim Ye Won has proven to have Judo skills good enough to call her a Judo master.

On the first broadcast of TV Chosun’s drama special “Into the Flames,” on April 25, Kim Ye Won acted as the younger counterpart for the lead female character, Kumiko (played by Son Tae Young).

In the drama, Kumiko is a beautiful, well-spoken, and easygoing character and is the only daughter of a wealthy Japanese plutocrat company called Shinsekai. Her character is especially known for possessing a black belt in Judo.

In order to portray Kumiko’s character, Kim Ye Won – along with all of the other younger counterpart actors including Kim Kwon and Yoon Hong Bin – learned the basics and various other techniques of Judo with the help from a martial arts director and actual Judo athletes. They made time to practice and train hard for a month before going into filming.

On set, Kim Ye Won impressed with her perfect posture and actions, going above and beyond how she performed during practice. The staff was amazed by the way she was able to swiftly knock over her opponent with a much bigger body build in one go. Even the director, Kim Sang Rae, gave the “OK” to move on after being satisfied with just one take.

The writer of “Into the Flames” explained, “Although Kim Ye Won did not have a lot of time to practice, she was still able to show outstanding athletic skills” and “She was even given the nickname ‘Judo Master’ on set.”

You can catch the second episode of “Into the Flames” on April 26 to witness Kim Ye Won’s impressive Judo skills for yourself.


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