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Lee Seo Jin Takes Care of Lee Soon Jae on “Grandpa Over Flowers”

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Actor Lee Seo Jin displayed yet another charm through expressing his fondness for Lee Soon Jae on the April 25 broadcast of tvN’s “Grandpa Over Flowers.”

On this episode, Na Young Seok producer gave the cast members a “free day” in Madrid. Lee Seo Jin decided to follow Lee Soon Jae. When the cast traveled to Barcelona, Lee Soon Jae acted as the “navigator,” and Lee Seo Jin was not able to accompany them.

Lee Seo Jin said, “I don’t want him to get stressed anymore. Wherever Lee Soon Jae teacher goes, I will go too. I can even follow him around the world. He is like a fatherly figure to me.”

The production team was relieved and surprised as they watched Lee Seo Jin and Lee Soon Jae walking along the street of Madrid showing their affection for each other. They were given the nickname, “SJ (Soon Jae – Seo Jin) Couple.” The production team of the show asked Lee Soon Jae, “Do you know that Lee Seo Jin especially follows you?” to which he answered, “If the others heard that, they might be disappointed.”

Lee Seo Jin has been receiving favorable feedback from viewers with his guide and English skills. It is expected his care and affection for his seniors will attract even more expansive popularity.

“Grandpa Over Flowers” was canceled for two weeks due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy. All CJ E&M channels canceled various variety programs for seven days and began re-airing their variety programs through “Grandpa Over Flowers.” They decided to begin with airing a show least likely to cause irritation.

There were mixed reviews regarding the issue of the airing of a variety show. Some viewers believe it’s still a sensitive time for variety shows to be shown on TV while other believe it was a good source of comfort and cheering up.

“Grandpa Over Flowers” every Friday at 9:50 PM, KST on tvN.

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