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Is This How Yoo In Na Looks in Real Life?

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Yoo In Na has been known as a bagel girl. No, she hasn't been endorsing bagels for breakfast, but rather has been known as an actress with a baby face, but glamorous body, hence the nickname bagel girl (get the word play? ha!). Recent photos have been garnering praise for the actress due to her phenomenal body and beautiful looks. 

Yoo In Ah

The two photos of Yoo In Na during filming breaks captured the actress from head to toe. More notably, the photos showed two contrasting images of the actress, as one photo portrayed the actress in professional work attire, while the other photo portrayed the actress in a fitting dress. Furthermore, the two different environments also played a part in conveying two very opposite vibes. 

Yet, the opposing looks have verified Yoo In Na's ability to pull off any look ranging from modest to dramatic. Most of all, not only is this actress known for her beauty, but also her great acting skills as she had recently finished filming for SBS "Man from the Star." In addition to acting, the actress has lent her soft and soothing voice every evening from 8PM - 10 PM on her radio show "Yoo In Na's Raise the Volume." The multi-talented actress has proved her ability to juggle different schedules while looking great at the same time.

We hope to see Yoo In Na in another great drama very soon!

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