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SBS and KBS Cancel Production Presentations for Upcoming Dramas

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On April 22 SBS announced, “We have decided to cancel the production presentation which was scheduled to take place on April 23 and 24. We ask for your understanding.”

The production presentation for SBS’ weekend drama, “Glorious Day” was supposed to take place on April 23, and the production presentation for the new Wednesday – Thursday drama, “You’re All Surrounded” was supposed to take place on April 24. However, both events have been canceled due to the Sewol Ferry accident.

SBS added, “The production team and cast of SBS dramas offer their deepest condolences to the victims of the Sewol ferry accident, and we hope all of the missing persons will return safely.”

“A Glorious Day” was scheduled to host a production presentation on April 17 and air for the first time on April 19. However, both events were postponed due to the tragedy that has swept the nation.

“A Glorious Day” will premiere on April 26 at 8:45 PM, KST, and “You’re All Surrounded” will premiere on May 7 at 10 PM, KST.

The production presentation for KBS’ new Monday – Tuesday drama, “Big Man” was also canceled due to the Sewol Ferry incident.

KBS stated on April 23, “To join the nation’s grief of the Sewol Ferry accident, the production presentation of ‘Big Man,’ which was scheduled to take place on April 25, has been canceled.”

The production presentation for “Big Man” was delayed twice. The plan was to hold the production presentation on April 25 and to begin airing the drama on April 28. However, the event was canceled since the rescue efforts continue and in order to offer hopes of a safe return of the missing persons.

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