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April Showers Bring May Flowers: 12 K-Pop Songs for a Rainy Day

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April showers bring May flowers- that may be the only thought that brightens a rainy day. Or it may be some good ol'music that blends harmoniously with the rain pattering outside.

We bring you a "Rainy Day'" playlist with songs from K-Pop, old and new, idol or not, including OST songs. Bookmark this post for a rainy day if where you are, it is gloriously sunny (lucky you!) or check to see if your "rainy day" song matches with ours!

Younha- "Sound of Rain"

Younha has the ability to transport you far away with her voice. She does it here, taking you for a long walk in the rain in yellow rubber boots.


IU's "Rain Drop"

IU sings "Love is like the rain drops"- we become lovesick after we get drenched in it.

BEAST's "On Rainy Days"

This sexy and sad song starts off with rain sound effects, bringing the listener into a rainy mood even on a sunny day.

Lee Seon Hee's "Fox Rain" from "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" OST

Titled "Fox Rain," this song is perfect for a sunny day when it suddenly starts to pour. According to Korean folkore, this type of rain fell when a fox was getting married.

CNBlue's "Love Rides the Rain"

The picking of the guitar strings in the track sound like rain falling.

Jang Jae In's "Rainy Day"

Jang Jae In's husky, low voice creates the perfect mood for a warm cup of coffee while you take shelter from the rain in a cafe.

Kim Hyun Shik's "Like Rain, Like Music"

This song from the 1980s is recognized by many in Korea as the classic "rainy day" song. Kim Hyun Shik was an influential singer that perhaps defined an era in the Korean music industry. He died at an early age of 42.

Baek Ji Young's "Spring Rain" from "Gu Family Book" OST

Love is often described as feeling like spring rain, drenching you in emotion and making you feel alive after a long winter.

Epik High's "Umbrella" featuring Younha

Don't forget your umbrella!

Brown Eyes' "Raining Apujeong"

When is a Brown Eyes' song not perfect to listen to?

Kim Tae Woo's "Love Rain"

Time for a mood change! It's an upbeat song by vocal powerhouse Kim Tae Woo. How many people wait to hear the trademark high note at 5:03 in the song?

And here's double the rain. Rain's "It's Raining"

What about you, Soompiers? What is your "rainy day" song?

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