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Celebrities Volunteer at the Sewol Ferry Accident Site

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As rescue missions continue and people continue to pray for a miracle for all the missing people who were on the Sewol Ferry to return safely, celebrities have begun to get actively involved in rescue efforts as well as volunteering activities.

Actor and president of the Korean Rescue Federation, Jung Dong Nam has joined the rescue operations at the scene of the accident.

On April 17, Jung Dong Nam arrived in Jindo, Jeollanam-do Province and got directly involved in the rescue efforts. He even explained the difficulties of the rescue in a phone interview with a Korean news outlet.

It has been revealed that Jung Dong Nam was a former UDT agent and has received recognition from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. He was also involved in the search operations when the Cheonan warship incident occurred in 2010.

MBC comedian Kim Jung Goo also joined rescue efforts utilizing his major as an industrial engineer diver.

The comedian posted through his Facebook on April 17, “I’m on my way to Jindo with hopes that I may be of any help. Please pray for the students and my safety,” along with a photo that was previously taken of him diving and his license as an industrial engineer diver.

In the early morning of April 18, he updated his status writing, “Thank you for all of your encouragement and concerns. Just in case you are curious, I am writing this. I was in Mokpo when I left. There are no more buses to Jindo, so I’m currently at the Gwangju Bus Terminal. I’ll be spending the night here and will take the first bus to Jindo to join the diving team.”

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk’s sister and actress Park In Young tweeted on April 17, “I can’t take it.. I have to go!! I put my hope in tomorrow. Please let the weather be good.. please!!” expressing her will to support the rescue mission.

On April 18, Park in Young tweeted, “I’m on my way to Jindo with two managers and Ku Se Goon communications director. We may not be much, but we hope to bring some aid. Everyone, hang in there!!”

As of 11PM, KST on April 18, 28 passengers have been reported dead, 174 rescued and 274 still missing.

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