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Heo Jae Hyuk Announces Plans to Enlist in the Military After Controversial Instagram Post

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Although he had apologized for his insensitive Instagram post in light of the current Sewol ferry accident, model Heo Jae Hyuk announced that he would be enlisting for the military and would reflect on his immature actions. The controversy started when the model posted on April 17 an image of a man underwater in a bath tub on Instagram. Along with the photo, the model wrote, "A Fun Game." Yet, such an image was viewed as an insensitive, mentally corrupt action at the moment as all of Korea had been mourning for the Sewol ferry accident

heo jae hyuk

On April 18, the model expressed, "I thought the person in the photo that I uploaded looked like me so I posted it on my Instagram. Although my actions yesterday deserved to be criticized, there were some distorted information that I wanted to clarify. Besides photos, movies, and music, I have usually have no interest in the news. Likewise, yesterday I was just wasting time looking at pictures and no one around me told me about the Sewol accident. This can sound like an excuse, but I am sincerely sorry. Aside from a misunderstanding, I clearly understand that such a controversy occurred due to my lack of knowledge in current events. I was never trying to mock the victims of the Sewol ferry accident. Once again, I apologize."

In addition, the model revealed his plans to enlist in the military in light of this controversy. Heo Jae Hyuk revealed, "I am self reflecting on my ignorance and lack of maturity. In order to prevent anything similar in the future, I have decided to enlist in the military in hope to become more mature. I am extremely afraid that my enlistment will seem like I am trying to escape and seek refuge in the military. I will spend the time self-reflecting, and will return more mature.


The Sewol ferry, which had been carrying 475 passengers began sinking in the morning of April 16. Although 179 people have been rescued, 270 are currently missing, while 26 people have been declared to be dead as of April 18, 11:53 AM (KST). Tragically, the ferry had been carrying 325 second year high school students and 14 teachers who were on their way to Jeju Island for a school outing. Out of the 325 students and 14 teachers on board, 75 students and 3 teachers were rescued, while sadly 12 students have been confirmed dead out of the 26 confirmed deaths.

heo jae hyuk

Despite the apology in which he explained that he had not heard of the news due to the lack of internet and television in his new home, Heo Jae Hyuk continued to be criticized for his insensitive remarks.

We wish for the best outcome in this maritime tragedy, and we send out condolences to all the families and people affected.

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