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Heo Jae Hyuk Apologizes for Instagram Photo, Claims He Did Not Know About Ferry Accident

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Model Heo Jae Hyuk recently became the center of heavy criticism from netizens with his recent post on Instagram. At 12:20 AM on April 17, the model posted a photo on Instagram of someone holding his breath in a tub full of water, fully clothed in black, with the caption, “A fun game.”

This was less than a day after the sinking of the Korean ferry off the southern coast of South Korea, which happened on the morning of April 16. Currently, 9 passengers have been reported dead with 179 rescued and 287 still missing. Upon receiving heavy criticism, the model deleted the photo, and posted an explanation on his Twitter and Facebook. He said, “It has been less than three months since I’ve come up to Seoul. While I’m living in Sangsu-dong, I don’t have a computer or a TV, so I didn’t have the chance to see the news. I posted a photo of Instagram. It was a photo of someone in a tub full of water, with the caption saying, ‘a fun game,’ but I just now found out about the ferry accident.”

He continued, apologizing, “It’s so horrible and I’m very sorry. I’m so very sorry. I hope for the safe return of the passengers on board. I’m so sorry.”

However, Heo Jae Hyuk had posted photos of his laptop online and had been seen using a smartphone, leading netizens to doubt the truth of Heo Jae Hyuk’s explanation.

Currently, Heo Jae Hyuk has deleted all of his social networking accounts.

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