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[Recap] B.A.P Shows "No Mercy" During Sold-Out New York Attack of "Live On Earth 2014" U.S. Tour

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Last Sunday, power boy group B.A.P returned to New York City for the 2014 version of their "B.A.P Live On Earth" US tour, and created unforgettable memories for the fans lucky enough to land a ticket to the sold-out show. The boys, whom we saw last in 2013, became more mature and more charismatic than ever, their energy and zest filling up the Best Buy Theater in Times Square throughout the two-hour show. Read on for our full recap of the event below - you're going to wish you were there!


The concert opened with an interesting premise: UFO sightings were "discovered" and with it, six aliens - Bang Yongguk, Zelo, Daehyun, Jongup, Youngjae and Himchan - have landed on Earth. Cut to real life, six black-and-gold donned boys made their way down a raised platform center stage and kicked off the start of the show with the first songs of the night: "One Shot," "Badman," and "Power," made complete with its signature spray can dance.


After a flawless rending of "Love Sick," fans experienced two pleasant surprises - first, when the members of B.A.P personally handed out custom coffees and juices from their makeshift "Coffee Shop" to the lucky fans, and second, when the members exhibited a simultaneous group pelvic thrusting moment in the now crowd-favorite "Body & Soul." 


A boxing ring goes up, as Youngjae and Jongup (each with two supporting members) prepared to duke it out in "Punch." Hilarious moment: Daehyun and Youngjae's roughhousing accidentally goes a tad far and Daehyun falls backwards onto the ground before brushing it off with a hearty laugh. Immediately following, an iconic "Boom Clap Boom Boom Clap" once again makes its waves around the venue, as the entire audience screamed along to the famous chorus from "No Mercy." 


"Rain Sound" and "Save Me," after "Bang X2," slowed down the pace and gave the members a chance to show off their vocals, though Jongup soon riled up the crowd's energy with a solo dance break. The members then retreated offstage to make way for two dancers in horse masks (yes, horse masks) to teach the crowd the main choreography for "Check On." Everyone in the audience followed along to the simple dance in the chorus, and could be spotted showing off their moves when B.A.P returned onstage to perform the song.


It was fast approaching the last leg of the concert, but B.A.P show no sign of fatigue as they proceeded with "Excuse Me" and "Spy." Before "Hurricane," the members finally took some time out to greet the audience and thank the fans for bringing them back a second year in a row. The talk was kept short and sweet, as the members couldn't wait to also show off "Dancing in the Rain," and "Stop It." 


"Crash" was next - as the boys bounced all around the stage, fans launched green balloons at the stage, which the members playfully knocked around the entire vicinity of the venue. Soon, after changing into dashing white suits, Jongup struck a pose as the members gathered together, and fans knew it was time for the last song of their planned set: "1004 (Angel)," the newest title track off their first full studio album "First Sensibility." 


But it was not over yet! B.A.P fulfilled fans' frantic chanting for an encore, and returned back on stage for one of the most anticipated songs of the night: "Warrior." The members were perfectly synchronized and on-point in every way as they completed the choreography of their dynamic debut single, before ending the concert officially with a fanservice-filled "With You." 


B.A.P's Live On Earth 2014 has continued onto Dallas, Texas on April 16, and will be greeting fans in Chicago on April 19 and LA on April 22. Did you attend the concert? Let us know in the comments below! More photos coming soon on the official Soompi Instagram page!

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