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Lim Kim and The Black Skirts Confirmed as New DJs for “After Club”

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SBS Power FM radio program “After Club” earned two new DJs after the company’s spring reshuffle.

The two new DJs are none other than refreshing vocals Lim Kim and indie modern rock representative The Black Skirts.

Regarding the new position, Lim Kim shared, “I listened to the radio since I was very young so I even thought about hosting my own show. I’m really looking forward to ‘After Club’ since the program is pretty lax where one can freely interact with the listeners.”

Singer-songwriter The Black Skirts (Korean name: Jo Hyu Ill) stated, “It’s great that ‘After Club’ has seven different DJs with their own styles.”

“After School” is a radio program that uses music as its basis and has seven different DJs with different backgrounds from hip hop, electronica, rock, world music, among other genres. All seven DJs are well-known by the public. Besides Lim Kim and The Black Skirts, other DJs include Korea’s representative gypsy guitarist Park Joo Won, pop columnist and composer Bae Soon Tak, pop jazz musician Kim Jung Bum, hip hop DJ and producer DJ Soulscape, house artist Freakhouze.

The spring reorganization took into effect on April 14. Lim Kim will DJ every Wednesday while The Black Skirts will DJ every Sunday. Listeners will be able to tune in to “After Club” everyday at 3am (KST). Fans overseas can still listen through podcast.

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