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Hyun Bin Says Filming Is Harder than Military Training

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Actor Hyun Bin will be featured in the next April edition of star style magazine High Cut, where he pulls off a new, vintage, sexy look.

April 30 is the premiere of Hyun Bin’s movie “The King’s Wrath,” where the actor plays the role of King Jeongjo, who is under threat of assassination.

On playing Jeongjo for his three-year comeback, he said, “I have a lot of ambition for this drama, as well as a lot of worries and pressure. I also have the thought that being too ambitious with my role could potentially detract from the film.”

When asked to compare filming with army training, Hyun Bin said, “While the army may push you more to your physical limit, it’s not something where you’re going to be watched and judged for your performance. I think movies are harder.”

Previously actor Jung Woo (“Reply 1994”) had mentioned that Hyun Bin was a lot of help to him when they were rookies. Hyun Bin explained, “It’s not that I was a lot of help, we were just close as two actors who had gone through tough times together.”

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