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So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin Spills All on Courtship and Upcoming Marriage

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Actress So Yi Hyun and actor In Kyo Jin recently announced their marriage after surprising fans with news of their relationship. Now they have opened up about their courtship and marriage plans through the MBC entertainment news show, "Section TV."

So Yi Hyun, who is also the MC of the show, sat down with husband-to-be In Kyo Jin for an exclusive interview on April 13.

So Yi Hyun first explained that she was not pregnant, as the sudden announcement of her marriage started rumors of a shot-gun wedding. She wittily said to the report Park Seul Gi, "I had a drink yesterday."

So Yi Hyun also explained that she hasn't been dating In Kyo Jin very long, but they have known each other since she was wearing school uniform. She said, "He used to come pick me up in a car in front of the school. We went to the same cram school.'"

In Kyo Jin added, "Honestly, I liked her when we were young. I remember we went to the baseball stadium together."

"I confessed, 'When we reach a legitimate age, and you and I come to believe in each other, marry me," In Kyo Jin continued.

In Kyo Jin revealed that he officially proposed to So Yi Hyun a month ago at a meat restaurant. "She didn't call me for three days, but after that, she sent a message saying, 'Let's meet.' I think her faith in me had grown."

So Yi Hyun described her ideal proposal as one that is quiet; all she wanted was flowers and a letter. "But In Kyo Jin proposed to me at a meat restaurant with soju." Still, she gave his proposal 100 points out of a 100.

In Kyo Jin also revealed that his father, who is a famously kwon as a CEO of a robust small-to-medium sized business, likes So Yi Hyun more than he does. So Yi Hyun added, "He signed up at my fan cafe."

So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin met joining the same agency twelve years ago. They remained in contact with each other over the years despite leaving the agency. They starred in two dramas together, "Aeja's Older Sister, Minja," and "Happy Ending." 

So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin will marry October 4 in Seoul.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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