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Actor Jung Suk Won Resolves Legal Issues with Ex-Agency

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Actor Jung Suk Won and his former agency have finally put an end to their legal battles, having reached an agreement regarding Jung Suk Won's request to leave the agency. The issue has been ongoing since last September.

In an exclusive report by news media outlet, Ohmynews, actor Jung Suk Won has finally negotiated an agreement with his ex-agency, Foresta Entertainment, in regards to Jung Suk Won's request to leave the agency. Jung Suk Won had been with the agency since 2007 but began to have clashes in opinion about how best to proceed in the future. The disagreement culminated with Jung Suk Wow officially filling a  contract cancellation request with the agency. The conflict was initially referred to the Korean Entertainment Management Association's Ethical Justice Arbitration Committee, with the case eventually being handled by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board under request from Jung Suk Won's representatives. 

Last month both sides negotiated an agreement through the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. According to the exclusive report, Jung Suk Won's legal representative, lawter Lim Sang Hyuk, confirmed this stating that "Both sides reached an agreement last month" and that "As of April 8, Jung Suk Won's contract with Foresta Entertainment has been cancelled. We have decided that there will be no further lawsuits from either party and we each wish the other the best of luck in future."

This now means that Jung Suk Won will be on the look out for a new agency to restart his entertainment career. Previously Jung Suk Won's representative had stated that they were going to take the case to court and stated they will not be participating in negotiations arbitrated by  KEMA's Ethical Justice Arbitration Committee. In response to this, KEMA had told its members to refrain from using Jung Suk Won on any of their projects. With both agency and actor having negotiated an agreement, KEMA's request now serves no purpose. 

Hopefully we will see Jung Suk Won back on TV in the near future

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