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"Kwon Bob" Production Apologizes to Yeo Jin Goo and Explains Their Perspective

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The “Kwon Bob” production recently released an official statement regarding the controversy surrounding the cancellation of Yeo Jin Goo’s movie contract.

(See: Kim Soo Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo Involved in Controversy About Casting for “Kwon Bob” Movie)

“Kwon Bob” production company TS Company first said, “We apologize to Yeo Jin Goo for the unintentional hurt that was given him.”

They continued, revealing their perspective of the situation. “Last February, we signed a contract with Yeo Jin Goo, and with the main character set, we were very much anticipating moving forward with the ‘Kwon Bob’ project. However, Yeo Jin Goo’s representation said they wanted to go into another project following the end of tvN’s ‘Potato Star’ this April, and mentioned the film ‘Shoot Me in the Heart.’”

“After the end of the sitcom, in the state of having to get back into filming in August [for ‘Kwon Bob’], we expressed our objection at his taking another role where he would be filming from May through July, which we thought was going to be too much for a variety of reasons. We expressed that the time leading up to filming for ‘Kwon Bob’ is a very important period in which he [Yeo Jin Goo] needs to go through martial arts training, script readings with the director, and character analysis. More than anything, going into projects right after one another is something of a concern for a young actor’s mental as well as physical health. Also, we didn’t think these types of actions by a main lead were respectful nor have they happened in the past in the film industry. As it could additionally leave a bad impression of the young actor on the production staff for the film, who have been preparing for the film for years, as well as the other actors, we asked that he not take another role right before the movie goes into filming. However, our concerns were ignored.”

“Moreover, the [Yeo Jin Goo’s] agency continued to request conditions that we could not possibly meet, and in that situation, we could not help but to keep a worst case scenario in mind. In mid-March, with a great sense of urgency upon us, we checked up on the condition of a couple of different actors. However, nothing was discussed in detail, and we didn’t go any further than merely seeing what options might be open to us. As Yeo Jin Goo had confirmed for ‘Shoot Me in the Heart,’ we thought that it would be right to discuss the situation with his agency and clearly proceed with contract cancellation before we move on to finding alternatives.”


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