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Hyoyeon's Ex-Boyfriend Kim Jun Hyung Opens Up about Recent Incident and Their Relationship

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Kim Jun Hyung, a global brand marketing CEO and youth mentor, is the man involved in the recent incident with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. He recently opened up about the incident in an interview with a reporter. He said that this past April 4, after photos of him on a date with Hyoyeon were revealed, “I got over 1000 messages on KakaoTalk. I really felt the power of the media.”

He said he really thought a lot about whether he should do the interview to explain things well after-the-fact, but he didn’t think that it was right to let the whole thing end as a piece of gossip around town. More than anything, Kim Jun Hyung said, “Hyoyeon is a really great person, and if there was anyone who was disappointed in her because of this happening, I want to come out and say that that’s not the case.”

He started with the incident that started it all, and then spoke about his year-and-a-half relationship with the Girls’ Generation member.

“I was afraid that Hyoyeon would lose her footing and fall. The house is at the top of a hill, and because there’s a cliff at the bottom, I was really scared. (Even though we were just goofing around,) I had the thought that she could really get hurt or that something could go wrong. So I thought I would get help from public authority. I called the police for some help, but when there were false reports of assault and legal action, it really upset me.”

Kim Jun Hyung then laid out all of the reports that were made at the station. The investigation was that for a simple happening, nothing more, and at the end of the investigation, it was concluded as such. At the time, SM Entertainment also released an official statement stating that it was simply a misunderstanding that happened while playing around, and the agency requested that people not randomly speculate about the events.

However, things moved to rumors of Hyoyeon being bullied by her fellow members and trying to commit suicide. Kim Jun Hyung said, “I really could not understand those rumors. If anyone knows Hyoyeon’s personality, there is no way that they could think that.”

“I think that young people just took off with their imaginations. Hyoyeon is really sweet, and she always brings up the atmosphere. And she’s also close with her fellow members like family. With loving parents, a younger sibling, and puppy, she spends her time really happily, and is always smiling. Even with rumors like this, she shakes it off and just says that it’ll be alright if she just does better and works harder.”

Kim Jun Hyung met Hyoyeon at a gathering on New Year’s Eve of 2012, and they eventually started dating. While they are 10 years apart, as they are both Christian and love to exercise, they became close, going on dates to ski, hike, golf, etc.

The couple eventually broke up, but it was not because of the recent incident. Kim Jun Hyung clarified, “We didn’t break up because of what happened on April Fools. We decided to remain as friends before that. We even meet on occasion at gatherings with friends and have dinner.” He continued, “Of the people I’ve met, Hyoyeon is the nicest, most honest, and most optimistic person. We still ask how the other is doing and support each other.” 


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