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Mad Clown and Eddy Kim's Songs Ruled Unfit for Broadcast

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KBS recently ruled some of rapper Mad Clown and singer Eddy Kim’s songs unfit for broadcast.

Mad Clown's “Gum,” “Kkeng Cost,” and “Stalker,” and Eddy Kim's “Slow Dance” were banned.

Mad Clown's “Gum” was banned because the lyrics include the brand name ‘Mercedes,’ and “Kkeng Cost” because the title and lyrics include the word ‘kkeng cost,’ a slang expression referring to someone overplaying an injury for money. His song “Stalker” was banned for its slew of heavy profanity, both in Korean and English.

The ruling for Mad Clown's “The Scent of Skin” was temporarily postponed due to the absence of one of the judges. That leaves one song from Mad Clown’s new mini album that is currently allowed on KBS: his title track “Without You” featuring Hyorin.

Eddy Kim’s “Slow Dance" was ruled unfit also for a brand name, the lyrics mentioning the French vodka brand, Grey Goose.

Both Mad Clown and Eddy Kim have revealed that they will not be changing any of their lyrics.

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