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Hyun Bin's Impressive Back Muscles Took Just 3 Months to Build Up

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Maybe I'm just old fashioned but when I think of actor Hyun Bin, I'm still reminded of his image from "My Lovely Samsoon." I definitely don't conjure up an image of a muscular hulk of a man when Hyun Bin is brought up in conversation. However that's now changed following the trailers for his new movie "The King's Wrath." What's more impressive is that it supposedly took him just three months to build up his impressive back muscles.

On April 5, Hyun Bin along with fellow actors Jung Jae Young and Jo Jung Suk appeared for an interview on KBS's "Entertainment Weekly" to promote their new movie "The King's Wrath." During this interview, Jung Jae Young commented on Hyun Bin's back muscles, saying that "It's not just any old back muscles. We made a nickname for it just today. They're (now) angry back muscles."

Fellow actor Jo Jung Suk also commented on Hyun Bin's back muscles, saying that they look "very angry."

The Kings Wrath

Hyun Bin then explained why he build up his back muscles, stating that when he read the scenario of his character, he noticed that there was a scene where his character was doing pull ups and the camera was to focus on his carefully crafted back muscles. Since this is how the directors and writers wanted to portray this scene, Hyun Bin spent three months exercising. He then claims that "After a certain point, they just ended up being angry."

The Kings Wrath

As for why this particular scene was portrayed in this manner, director Lee Jae Kyu stated, during the press conference for the movie, that "We don't know if Hyun Bin's angry back muscles were an accurate depiction of Jeongjo of Joseon (Hyun Bin's role in the film) but I believe it portrayed how hard working he was."

The director also noted how Hyun Bin would constantly have the recording date for his pull up scene in mind and that he would stare off into the distances while the rest of the staff would have a late night snack.

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