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Rainbow's Jaekyung Treats Younger Brother Out for Brunch Amid Upcoming Debut

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Apparently, both looks and talent run deep in the Kim family, as Jaekyung revealed a photo taken with her younger brother Jaehyun.

On April 7, the Rainbow leader posted on her Twitter, "Took a photo while on a brunch date with Jaehyun. As he is feeling restless due to his upcoming debut, I kept on telling him to not worry and that everything would turn out okay. N.Flying fighting!"


The photo showed the siblings posing with a 'V' on their chins while sitting in front of a table set with a variety of food. Jaekyung's words of encouragement reflected the restlessness experienced by her younger brother during his preparations for his debut. Jaehyun's band, N.Flying has been receiving attention through FNC's reality show, "Cheongdam Dong 111."

Although N.Flying has been preparing for their official debut in Korea, the band had experienced the Japanese indie field, as N.Flying had previously ranked second on the Oricon Indie Music Chart for their single, "BASKET."

We wish the best for Jaehyun and N.Flying!

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