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Boy Group 100% Draws Attention for Starting the “Fan Welfare” Trend

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6-member boy group 100% is drawing attention for looking out after the fans, and the media is coining their kind gesture as “fan welfare.”

The members are currently holding fan signing events in different cities within Korea after releasing their latest mini album “Bang the Bush.” After realizing how uncomfortable it must be for fans to kneel while getting their albums signed, the members decided to start bringing chairs to set up across the table so fans could sit comfortably while they wait for the members of 100% to sign their CDs. Other idols and groups have noticed the gesture and have followed suit.

Regarding how they came up with the idea, member Rockyun explained, “We didn’t like how the fans have to [be uncomfortable and] kneel during the fan signing events so we wanted them to [sit comfortably] on chairs. Even though it’s not that long, we think that it’s better that we can see each other eye to eye and hold a small conversation.”

Meanwhile, 100% is currently promoting the title track “Beat” off of its mini album “Bang the Bush.”

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