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Kim Hyun Joong Thinks It's Unlikely SS501 Will Reunite

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In a recent interview with “Star Today,Kim Hyun Joong opened up about the possibility of a SS501 reunion. 

He began by saying, “I think it’s a good thing I left (SS501) while we were still receiving a lot of love from the public.”

Kim Hyun Joong continued, “I don't consider us disbanded. But, in this state (regarding his other members belonging to other agencies now), where we can’t even use our own group name, the situation is hardly ideal."

He added, “Of course, there’s also the aspect of reuniting and being able to tour together and give concerts, as well as other rewards related to coming together again. To be honest, in my case, I don’t want to utilize cherished memories from the past for commercial gain. It would make more sense to do whatever we want as a group when we’re all ready and we all want it. I don’t want particularly to turn our fond memories into different memories.” 

He also said, “When I occasionally meet up with the other members who are busy with their own activities, we talk about doing something together once we get the opportunity. Some ask if singing songs together would suffice, but I tell them honestly that I’m not so confident about SS501 anymore. That’s how open we’ve been with each other for a while now.” 

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