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Hong Jin Young Asks Nam Goong Min to Come Live with Her On "We Got Married"

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On the latest episode of MBC's variety show "We Got Married," Hong Jin Young invited her husband Nam Goong Min to live with her.

After getting a mission to find a home to lie together, the two talked about what kind of houses they would like to live in. Nam Goong Min said that he wanted to live in a high-rise residential building with lots of convenient facilities while Hong Jin Young said she wanted to be able to live in a country house where she can decorate the garden.

Because they differed in their opinions, the two then decided to look at homes to start with but after not being to find their perfect home, Hong Jin Young suddenly asked her husband, "Have you ever lived with your wife's in-laws? Do you want to come and live at our house?," which surprised Nam Goong Min.

At an interview Hong Jin Young conducted with the staff, she said, "It wasn't easy to come up with that decision but since each of us already has a home, I thought it would be smart for someone to join the other and that's why I asked him if he wanted to live together."

Nam Goong Min also stated, "I was surprised. We were married but it would have been hard to ask that question and I thank her courage."

Hong Jin Young

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