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"War of Words" Kim Gura Talks About Henry and "Real Men"

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On the April 3 episode of JTBC talk show “War of Words,” the panelists talked about Super Junior M's Henry and singer Jung Joon Young, who are both receiving attention for their appearance on variety shows. Henry is currently on MBC army variety program "Real Men."

MC Kim Heechul commented, “Henry doesn’t know much about military service to the extent that he doesn’t understand the concept of group punishment. After coming back he said to me, ‘Hyung-nim I really don’t want to go again.’”

On hearing this, Kim Gura revealed his phone conversation with “Real Men” PD Choi Min Geun. “On the first day of recording he politely asked for his manager, but we managed to persuade him after repeated tries. He was agreeable at the second recording, but after it ended he said, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ We’re still trying to persuade him.”

Kim Heechul explained that Henry was having a hard time. According to Heechul, Henry told him, “Hyung-nim, I really can’t do this. I’m a real soldier. Hyung-nim~ Real soldier, real soldier!”

Poor Henry! Looks like he signed up for the show without knowing what to expect. Let's hope he sticks it out so we get to see more of "real soldier" Henry.

"War of Words" Discusses Henry

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