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Kim Kang Woo Kept The Same Pair of Underwear for 10 Years

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Whether it was a special gift or perhaps something that they just hold dear in their hearts, some people end up clinging to items for long periods of time. For actor Kim Kang Woo, that item would be a pair of underwear and how long has he been holding on to them? 3 years? 5 years? No, make that 10 years. So what made him hold on to a pair of underwear for so long?

Actor Kim Kang Woo, famous for his roles is hits such as "War of Flowers," "Silmido," "Tabloid Truth," recently appeared on an episode of KBS's "Happy Together Season 3" to promote his new KBS drama "Golden Cross"

Kim Kang Woo

During this episode, it was revealed that Kim Kang Woo would still wear a pair of underwear that was close to 10 years old and was filled with holes. When asked about this, he replied that it was the first gift he had received from his wife, who also happens to be actress Han Hye Jin's sister. 

He also explained that he has a different pair of underwear for when he goes outside and another pair for when he is at home about to go to sleep. He stated that he didn't want to throw away his first gift from his wife just because it was a bit worn down.

However he jokingly claims that his wife doesn't share the same sentimentality. He states that while the gift means a lot to him,  his wife didn't quite seem to share the same opinion as she tried to throw it out the moment they got married, garnering laughter from the rest of the cast.

Kim Kang Woo's new drama, "Golden Cross" featuring Lee Shi Young, Han Eun Jung and Uhm Ki Joon is a murder revenge story directed by Hong Suk Goo, who previously directed "Mary Stayed Out All Night." The drama will first air on April 9.

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