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Comedian Lee Soo Geun Being Sued For Damages Over Gambling Scandal

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The troubles keep on piling up for comedian Lee Soo Geun. After being found guilty of gambling just a few months ago, the once prolific comedian is now being sued for over USD$1.8 million in damages as a result of his conviction.

In an telephone call with news media outlet, X Sports News, a representative from Lee Soo Geun's agency, SM C&C, stated that their legal team is currently negotiating a suitable settlement for this case. They continued to state that they hope that the two parties can reach a reasonable agreement and that this would indeed be the best outcome for both parties.

According to reports, car product manufacturer, Bullsone, filed a USD$1.8 Million damage suit against SM C&C and Lee Soo Geun on April 1. The first hearing for this case was held on April 2. At this point, the parties were asked to head to the negotiations table first before moving ahead any further.

In their official complaint, Bullsone state that "Not only did Lee Soo Geun, our product model, damage our brand image by involving himself in illegal acts, his actions also meant that we could no longer use the ads in which he appears in." In regards to the actual damage sum, Bullsone states that the value is derived from the appearance payments already made to Lee Soo Geun, the cost of producing the ads and the cost of producing replacement ads.

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