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Lee Young Ae Releases Ad to Stop Rampant Illegal Use of Her Image

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It's not uncommon to see celebrity images being used for purposes that were clearly not legally approved. The issue has become so severe for actress Lee Young Ae that her management team has decided to run an ad to caution against the rampant illegal use of her image.

On April 1, Lee Young Ae's legal team ran an in the major Korean newspapers, cautioning against the illegal usage of Lee Young Ae's personality rights. According to the ad in question, after the success of "Dae Jang Geum," there has been several cases of people across Asia claiming to be Lee Young Ae's manager and/or legal representative. They then used fake identity stamps to sign contracts allowing the use of Lee Young Ae's image, collecting the money for themselves.

According to Lee Young Ae's legal team, they are the sole authority in regards to contracts for the usage of Lee Young Ae's personality rights. They also state that anyone that supposedly has the rights to use her image should get in contact with their legal team to ensure that it is valid and thus avoid any issues.

According to Lee Young Ae's management team, this issue arose when "Person A" was given the rights to use Lee Young Ae's personality rights and then continued to use them even after the terms of their agreement. "Person A" even when as far as to fake Lee Young Ae's identity stamps and signed various contracts approving the use of her image.

A representative from Lee Young Ae's management team state that they were completely unaware of this forgery taking place before various companies started calling to complain about their agreements.  

The team state that the reason for running these ads was because various media outlets ran stories about the various companies that had suffered due to this issue without consulting Lee Young Ae's team, thus making it seem like Lee Young Ae was doing something ethically wrong, damaging her image. They hope that this ad will get the facts out to the general public

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