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Top 11 Korean Celebrity Look-Alikes, with EXO, 2PM, and More!

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Have you ever been watching a show or a drama and thought, "Hey that person looks really familiar..?" or "That person reminds me of someone..?" Probably, yes. And probably ALL THE TIME. Because with so many celebrities out there, it would be weird if some of them just didn't look like siblings, or even twins.

Here are 11 pairs of celebrity look-alikes, some well-known as such, and others that you might not have ever imagined to look like each other, including EXO, Super Junior, 2PM, f(x), and more!

jun2yng is a Soompi editorial intern who likes to bowl and dance, but not always at the same time. 

lee min jung

The first pair is Lee Min Jung and Emilia Clarke. Okay, so the list is not all Korean. By top 11 Korean celebrities I meant plus one English celebrity. You may or may not know who Emilia Clarke is, but she stars in the popular American series "Game of Thrones," and she will also be starring in the new "Terminator:  Genesis" film, coincidentally alongside Lee Min Jung's hubby, Lee Byung Hun.

If ever there was an English version of Lee Min Jung, it's Emilia Clarke. Or vice versa. 

hongki mir

FT Island's lead vocal Hongki and MBLAQ's rapper Mir. This pair doesn't quite resemble each other as much as some others, but we can't argue that they did remind us of each other on more than one occasion. Plus... look at this picture.

amber jonghyun

Ok... it's a wee bit of a stretch. f(x)'s Amber and SHINee's Jonghyun. It must be the hair. And the nose. And the eyes. And the mouth... That's it, they're twins. I SEE NO DIFFERENCE.


Twins, right? 

rain junho

Rain and 2PM's Junho. Look. Just look. 

k.will daesung

Big Bang's Daesung and K.Will. I don't think this pair reminds me of each other as much as the others, but they've got really similar features.

choi jin hyuk dabin

Choi Jin Hyuk and Boys Republic's Dabin. They don't resemble each other a lot on a regular basis, but I suddenly was reminded of Choi Jin Hyuk when I saw Dabin in Boys Republic's latest "Video Game" music video. Occasionally, with certain expressions, Dabin most definitely looks like Choi Jin Hyuk 10 years ago.

choi jin hyuk dabin

Like this.

nichkhun moon geun young

2PM's Nichkhun and Moon Geun Young. This one was surprising. But I can kind of see it. They could definitely be siblings.


missA's Min and comedian Kim Hyun Sook. This look-alike pair was featured on an episode of "Happy Together." Again, an unexpected pairing, but the resemblance is definitely there.

han ga in dongjun

Han Ga In and ZE:A's Dongjun. It's admittedly hard seeing a girl's image in a guy's face, but really. Dongjun, especially in this picture, resembles Han Ga In. It's the eyes. The nose. Lips. Cheeks.

son soo hyun

Son Soo Hyun and Aoi Yu. I lied again.. plus one Japanese actress. This is probably the only pair where people may actually have trouble telling the two apart. They're twins. And no, all three pictures are not the same person. Don't ask me to tell you who is who, though. 

If you're wondering where you might have seen Son Soo Hyun before, check out Wax's "Coin Laundry" music video!

siwon suho

Last but not least, Super Junior's Siwon and EXO's Suho. This pair doesn't look so much like full-fledged doppelgangers, but they do have similar features, and like the Choi Jin Hyuk/Dabin pair, they occasionally catch us off guard and remind us really strongly of the other.

What'd you think? Were any of the pairs too much of a stretch to you? And were there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Also check out part 2! : Top Korean Celebrity Look-Alikes Continued! with EXO, B.A.P, Girls’ Generation, and More!

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