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2BiC Releases a Goofy Teaser feat. Hong Jin Young for Their Comeback, "You Must Be Busy"

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Vocal duo 2BiC (Jihwan, Junhyung) just released a teaser for their comeback, entitled, “You Must Be Busy.” In the teaser, member Jihwan is cleaning his sleek new car, when a friend comes up and flips out, calling and asking everyone he knows if they want to go on a drive. Then Junhyung rolls up in a convertible with Hong Jin Young, asking if they want to go on a drive. After Jihwan and his friend sufficiently drool all over themselves, Hong Jin Young and Junhyung change their minds, and drive off on a date. The teaser then finally cuts to a short clip of the song, in which they ask the girl to make a decision between the two of them, showcasing the duo’s impressive and addicting vocals with a catchy song.

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