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Highlights of K-Pop April Fools' Day Pranks 2014

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April Fools of 2014 has now passed us by and as we wait for the dust to settle, we here at Soompi have the difficult task of rummaging through the aftermath to try and pick out some of the best pranks to come out of the K-Pop world in 2014. But we have prevailed! Without further adieu, here is some highlights of the best April Fools posts made by celebrities and fans alike. TaeminThe Great Fan Site Conversion of 2014 - Taemin Goes Tampon Fan site conversions are one of those K-Pop April Fools traditions. It's been going for a few years and they have become more and more elaborate with each passing year. This year, however, Taemin fan site Taempo have really outdone themselves with this one. They have converted their site into a Tampon product website, showing a great deal of self-awareness about their site name. KevinU-Kiss Kevin Leaves Twitter As one of the most prolific K-Pop idol Twitter users, U-Kiss's Kevin garners a lot of attention on the Twittersphere. In that respect, he was bound to turn a few heads when he proclaimed that he will be deleting his Twitter account due to personal reasons. That statement didn't last very long as he then revealed that it was all a April Fool's prank and lamented the fact that his lie might have been a bit obvious. Yeah just a bit. sosizThe Great Fan Site Conversions Of 2014 - Girls' Generation Fans Go Wild The benefits of having a massive fan base is that there is never a shortage of ideas. This year, the Girls' Generation community continued to offer surprises for us observers. First off is the homepage of Girls' Generation fan site, sosiz, who have converted their site into a rather cleverly designed restaurant site called "Soot Food Heaven." The only way this could have been better is if there was more sausages (Which is how Sosiz is kind of pronounced in Korean). nosayeonSite Conversion Cont. - Tiffany = Noh Sa Yeon? Maybe I shouldn't include this one since it's pretty common but it's still funny. Tiffany fan site, Tiffanyfan.net, converted their site into a Noh Sa Yeon fan site for April Fools. Featuring pictures and videos of the talented singer along with the statement "Stop saying Noh Sa Yeon looks like Tiffany." I feel like they MIGHT have a grudge. cottoncandySite Conversion Cont. - Taeyeon's Fan Site Is Nosed Another one of those Korean language pranks, Taeyeon fansite, Cotton Candy, decided that something needed to be done about people misspelling their fan site. Rather than fight the errors, they decided to embrace it by changing the name of their site to "Co Keun Candy (Big Nose Candy)," one of the more common ways to misspell Cotton Candy in Korean. It also helps that there is a picture of Taeyeon wearing a big nose mask. 100 jonghwan100% Jong Hwan Does The Right Thing Okay, so this isn't a prank but I feel compelled to include this because it's something that everyone should keep in mind during April Fools. Instead of posting a prank or joke, Jong Hwan took to Twitter to tell his followers to not prank call the emergency service lines during April Fools. Remember people, jokes are fun and all until you start negatively affecting services that could cost lives. jaejoongJaejoong is getting married News flash! JYJ's Jaejoong is getting married, so why haven't we covered it yet? Because it's April Fools and nothing is ever as it seems. Jaejoong posted a rather short tweet proclaiming that he will get married within three years. That was enough to get the Twitter world to shift into overdrive. But it all came to a shuddering end as he posted the picture you see here of him giving a little girl a peck on cheek. mystic89Say Hello To One Of The Most Elaborate April Fools Ever - Mystic89 Foods Let's give the Mystic89 family a big round of applause because they have posted one of the most elaborate April Fools pranks in the history of K-Pop. The star-studded agency has seen success in variety shows and in music, now they were going to dip their feet into the world of food with a series of "Kims (Seaweed)" branded after their artists Lim Kim, Eddy Kim, and Pure Kim. This prank has it all: high production values, unreasonable amount of effort, great use of name pranks, and Yoon Jong Shin looking mighty happy with himself. It was so good that I actually thought it was a true business venture before noticing their "amazing" press release and news site. Mystic89foodMystic89 Foods Cont. Just look at those packaging. You could sell that right now without any issues. mystic89newsMystic89 Foods Cont. The elaborate news release posted by Mystic89 on the famous "Green Window" portal site. I'm sure you all know which site this is referring to. The interview with CEO Yoon Jong Shin at the bottom is particularly good. The reporter, Kim Honey Jam, asks the beaming Yoon Jong Shin why he picked "Kim(Seaweed)" as his first product, to which he replies because he happened have signed on a lot of singers with "Kim" as their surname. Sounds like sound reasoning to me. K1oaGx0That's all folk And that completes our highlight of some of the most interesting April Fool's pranks of 2014. To be honest, there was a ton more during the actual day but the issue with writing a report after the fact is that most of the interesting ones have already been reverted to normal. If you have any more interesting April Fools pranks that you noticed this year, please post them in the comments below. See you all again next year~

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