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April Will Be the Battle of Boy Groups as EXO, Infinite, Beast, and 2PM Plan on Comebacks

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If March was the battle of girl groups, April will be the battle of boy groups as EXO, InfiniteBeast, 2PM all plan to make their comeback in the same month. 

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12 member boy group, EXO will be making their comeback in mid April as it was announced that the group would be holding their showcase on April 15. Although the group promoted as one whole group last year through hit songs "Wolf" and "Growl," this month's comeback will one again have the group split in to two groups, EXO-K and EXO-M, as the two units will promote the upcoming mini album simultaneously in Korea and China. However, EXO fans can expect to see a comeback performance with all 12 members as SM Entertainment commented that the group will perform as a whole for one to two weeks. EXO's comeback will be the group's first album since their special Christmas album released four month ago. 


Furthermore, Infinite also teased their fans about their upcoming comeback during their Korean encore concert on February 28. During the concert,the group revealed a special comeback preview video that announced their April comeback. Surprised fans expressed their excitement at the unexpected news. Although Infinite's Woohyun is currently promoting his new song "Delicious" with SHINee's Key through their duo unit, Toheart, Infinite fans can expect to see the group perform as a whole very soon. Infinite's April comeback will be the groups first album since the release of their single, "Destiny," back in July 2013. 

Morevoer, Beast had previously revealed that along with their Japanese promotional tour, the group aimed at releasing a new album in April. Despite the vague details regarding Beast's comeback, fans have been anticipating the melody and choreography the members would showcase in their new song. The release of the new album will be the group's first album since the release of their second full album, "Hard to Love, How to Love," which was also released back in July 2013. 

Lastly, after constantly denying comeback news, 2PM's Wooyoung finally confirmed that 2PM would be making their comeback in mid April. With the news that the group's new song was created by a foreign composer and produced by member Jun.K, 2PM fans can expect a new concept and style. Previously it was reported that 2PM experienced a fire accident on the set of their new music video, which thankfully resulted in no injuries. 

If you've had fun watching the girl group battles, brace yourselves for the boy group battles that will take place in April!

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