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BEAST to Release a 2009-2013 Compilation, "BEAST Works"

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BEAST will be releasing a best hits and clips collection called “BEAST Works” for 2009-2013! The group just revealed a teaser for the new compilation on YouTube, featuring clips from their biggest hits such as “Bad Girl” (2009), “Beautiful” (2010), “Beautiful Night” (2012), and “Shadow” (2013).  

"BEAST Works 2009-2013" will be a 2CD limited edition, with both group and solo songs, and will be released on April 2.

Here's the track list!

1.Bad Girl(2009)
3.내 여자친구를 부탁해(Say No) (2009)
6.Beautiful (2010)
7.니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You the Best) (2010)
9.비가오는날엔(On Rainy Days) (2011)
10.이럴 줄 알았어( I Knew It )(2012)
11.Midnight (2012)
12.아름다운 밤이야 (Beautiful Night) (2012)
13.괜찮겠니 (Will You Be Alright?) (2013)
14.I'm Sorry (2013)
15.Shadow (2013)
16.How to Love (2013)

1.ジュンヒョン /Flower (2013)
2.ジュンヒョン /너 없이 사는 것도 (Living without You) (2012)
3.ヨソプ /카페인(Caffeine) (2012)
4.ジュンヒョン & ヨソプ /Thanks To (2010)
5.ヒョンスン &ギグァン/Let It Snow (2010)
6.ドゥジュン& ドンウン/문이 닫히면(When the Door Closes) (2010)


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