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"K-Pop Star Season 2" Winners Akdong Musician Finally Releasing Debut Album

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Akdong Musician, the winners of “K-Pop Star Season 2,” have their debut album lined up for release on April 7 of this year, the same day as the final round of last year’s “K-Pop Star.”

The new album will have 11 tracks, and the duo will have their debut performance on the April 6 broadcast of “K-Pop Star Season 3.”

There will be three title songs for this album, one chosen by YG, one by Akdong Musician, and one by the fans, choosing the most popular song one week after the release of the album. The titles songs chosen by YG and Akdong Musician are “200%” and “Melted,” respectively. “200%” was chosen for it’s classic Akdong Musician charm, and “Melted” as a slow song that breaks away from the duo’s usual style.

Music videos for all three title tracks will be released. The “Melted” music video will come first, with the album’s release on April 7, then “200%” one week later on April 14. The final music video for the third track will start filming as soon as the song is selected by music chart results.

Stay tuned for more on Akdong Musician!

In other news, YG also mentioned upcoming album releases of other artists such as Psy, Winner, Taeyang, and Epik High.

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