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Actor Lee Min Ho Talks About Delivering Cheesy Lines And More

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Actor Lee Min Ho recently sat down for an interview with "@Star1" magazine.

Along with answering questions about his previous roles as a second generation chaebol heir in “The Heirs” and “Boys Over Flowers,” he also dished on delivering cheesy lines and what type of roles he wants to play next. 

Q: Your line, “Do I like you?” (“The Heirs”) became famous for being a cheesy line. What were your personal thoughts on it? 

A: When I first received the script, I felt it was really fresh. I thought ‘Oh wow, I can confess my feelings like this too. I can create this effect and convey my emotions.' However, when the staff first saw that line- they of course thought it was a typo because of the way it was written. (laugh)” 

Q: Your kiss scene with Park Shin Hye was very popular. Did you feel a bit shy about it? 

A: I had a lot of affectionate scenes in “The Heirs.” Rather than feeling shy, I felt determined to have those small, affectionate scenes along with the kiss scene feel natural and show who Kim Tan was. That’s what I was most preoccupied with. When I filmed the wine cellar kiss scene, there were staff crammed that tiny space. I remember them peeking out and looking at us with bright eyes from behind the shelves, above us and from behind the door. Then how could I feel…(laugh)

Q: So far, you’ve tackled a great spectrum of characters from historical dramas to youth romance dramas, and of course action dramas. What character or drama do you think fits Lee Min Ho best? 

 A: I just think that there are characters that you can only play at a certain age. I’m at a place in my life where I look for new roles, instead of trying to find roles that I feel fit me best. I want to try roles that aren’t fixed in a certain genre. 

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