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The “Real” Kim Woo Bin Surfaces on “Four Sons and One Daughter”

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Actor Kim Woo Bin will pick shepherd’s purse, an edible wild plant, and display his mak-chum (impromptu dancing) talent on the March 28 episode of MBC variety show “Four Sons and One Daughter.”

He plays the youngest sibling on the family-oriented program, which has four male celebrities and one female star living with fake parents in the Chuncheon countryside.

The March 28 episode sees Kim Min Jong, Kim Jae Won, Honey Lee and Kim Woo Bin go picking shepherd’s purse near the house in preparation for the day’s dinner.

Kim Woo Bin on "Four Sons and One Daughter"
Kim Jae Won asked, “Woo Bin-ie do you know which one shepherd’s purse is?” Kim Woo Bin looked perplexed at the question regarding the strange-sounding plant. Right after that, Mom appeared to teach him how to correctly pick shepherd’s purse. Kim Woo Bin worked diligently, repeatedly confirming whether he was doing it correctly with his mother.

While everyone was hard at work, Kim Jong Min began singing a trot song, which naturally led to some dancing. Kim Min Jong and Mom showed some cuteness while merrily singing “What’s Wrong with My Age.” Kim Jae Won and Honey Lee stood up and began dancing, while Kim Woo Bin was confused by the sudden change in mood, but he stood up in the end and joined in as well. However, his shy dancing led everyone to burst out in laughter.

Kim Woo Bin on "Four Sons and One Daughter"
Despite his clumsy mak-chum (impromptu dancing), Kim Woo Bin continued to dance with Mom, holding her hand and doing a couple dance with her despite his brothers and sisters becoming flustered at Mom’s seemingly never-ending song. Kim Jong Min praised Woo Bin’s filial behavior, saying, “Woo Bin-ie has talent in trot!”

Chuncheon Dad showed his appreciation and affection for his hardworking children by feeding them with freshly made corn taffy.

Kim Woo Bin’s shy dancing skills will be revealed on MBC “Four Sons and One Daughter” which airs on March 28 at 10:00 PM KST.

Kim Woo Bin on "Four Sons and One Daughter"

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