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Jo Sung Mo Surprises Kim Yuna with His New Song “Yunaya”

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Singer Jo Sung Mo performed his new song “Yunaya” live for figure skater Kim Yuna.

The video featuring Jo Sung Mo and Kim Yuna was released on March 28, and is titled “Hommage Yuna – The Third Present for Kim Yuna.”

In the video, Kim Yuna is being interviewed in a café, when Jo Sung Mo suddenly appears and stuns her by performing his new song, along with a live band. It took a second before Kim Yuna recognized the singer, but when she did, she was floored by the unexpected visit. She showed a welcome response to the song, smiling whenever Jo Sung Mo sang the words “Yunaya.”

When the song ended, Jo Sung Mo addressed Kim Yuna, saying, “You were confused, weren’t you? I wanted to sing for you once, so I prepared this for you.” He also presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Jo Sung Mo had stated at a press conference, “Kim Yuna has brought us a lot of joy and happiness. As a citizen as well, I wanted to give her a present, so I was glad when the opportunity arose. I went to a place where she was and sang this song for her, with hidden cameras.”

Jo Sung Mo’s new mini album “Wind of Change” was released on March 24, accompanied by the music video for the title track, “Yunaya.” The album was produced by singer and producer Hyun Jin Young and talks frankly about the memories of love and separation.

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