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Double A's Aoora Releases 19+ Short Music Video for "Body Party"

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Double A (AA) member Aoora released the short music video for his solo track "Body Party" through the official 1theK YouTube channel. The music video is rated 19+.

Aoora was not just a regular member of Double A, but also the group's album's producer and song writer. Taking a step away from his group, Aoora has made his solo debut with his new album. 

"Body Party" features pop artist Betty Rose and is a smooth R&B song. The synth reeds combined with the piano instrumental, along with Aoora's mellow voice, makes the song very easy on the ears. Fans of Double A might be surprised by this different style, but will nonetheless enjoy the song.

The music video does not have any visuals that warrant the 19+ rating, but the song does loop the sound of a woman moaning throughout the song. 

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