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Nam Goong Min: "Hong Jin Young Isn't My Ideal Type, but I Like Her for Her Honesty"

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The March 26 broadcast of MBC's "Radio Star" had the couples of "We Got Married" as guests, and viewers were able to see what new couple Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young thought of each other. In regards to his ideal type, the actor said, "Even though a girl's face may be pretty, I like a girl who doesn't try to act cute." Furthermore, when asked about how the two were paired, Nam Goong Min revealed, "The 'We Got Married' staff showed me photos and asked me to discuss what I thought about the person. When they showed me Hong Jin Young's photo and asked me what I thought, I said, 'Her outer appearance isn't my ideal type, but when I saw her on a previous episode of 'Radio Star,' I liked how she was honest.'"

nam goong min

When Hong Jin Young couldn't hide her disappointment, Nam Goong Min added, "Although I like her right now, in the beginning she wasn't my style. Hong Jin Young is more lovable than pretty."

"Radio Star" featured guests Nam Goong Min, Hong Jin Young, Jung Joon Young, Park Se Young, and Wooyoung, as the topic of the show focused on love, relationships, and the experiences made through "We Got Married."

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