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Female Group Veloce Releases "That Kind of Girl" to Counter Bro's "That Kind of Guy"

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While rookie male artist Bro's debut single "That Kind of Guy" is soaring in popularity due to its direct lyrics, female vocal group Veloce is receiving attention for releasing a counter song called "That Kind of Girl."

Part of "That Kind of Girl"s lyrics read, "A girl who is voluptuous even without plastic surgery, a girl who has airbags for you / That kind of girl would be crazy to date you / Don't you have a conscience? / If you want Kim Tae Hee, go to Ukraine / But the catch is, they're at civil war / No matter how nice of a car you have / No matter how much you wrap yourself in designer brands / There is one truth that can't be hidden / You have a car but you don't even have a house."

"That Kind of Girl" parodies on "That Kind of Guy," by using the same kind of Kakao Talk conversation format in the music video. The song counters "That Kind of Guy," which caused a controversy for its negative lyrics that criticized women.

However, the release of "That Kind of Girl" put "That Kind of Guy" in even more of a spotlight, making the song become the #1 trending song in many music charts.

Veloce debuted last year. They are a three member group with "Voice Korea"s Kim Chae Rin, Shin Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Jin.

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