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[Exclusive] Lunafly Reveals Their Extravagant Hair Salon and More in “Sam Cam” Part 3

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All great things must come to an end and, unfortunately, “Sam Cam” is not an exception.

Sam Carter, a member of 3-member group Lunafly, shared with Soompiers the last of his 3-part series “Sam Cam.” The group made a comeback earlier this month with “Special Guy” featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ resident rapper Miryo, and Sam thought it would be a great idea to show Soompiers a little bit of what idols do during their downtime between schedules.

Sam leaves Soompiers with a special message towards the end. If fans really want to see “Sam Cam” come back, like Sam says, “If you guys like it, then please let us know... so we can make the second series happen, okay?”

With that, we bring you the (maybe) last “Sam Cam” episode. Remember to click on the Captions button for English sub, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subs!

Rewatch Part 1: 

Rewatch Part 2:  

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